Sulfur Dyes

Patcosulâ„¢ Sulfur Dyes by CH Patrick

Dye Shades

CL # Product 45 g/L 180 g/L
S. Red 14 Patcosul Red X2B Liquid
S. Blue 7 Patcosul Blue 8RCF Liquid
S. Blue 20 Patcosul navy XFCF Liquid
S. Black 1 Patcosul Black B-4G Liquid 

Patcosul Black SC-U LIquid

Patcosul Black SC-G Liquid

S. Black 2 Patcosul red Black RX Liquid

* Due to color variations of computer monitors, swatches are shown as examples. Our Lab Services department will work with you for exact color matching.

Fibers compatible with Patcosulâ„¢ Disperse Dyes



Continuous Dyeing, Exhaust Dyeing

End Uses

Denim, Sportswear