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About Us

About Us

C. H. Patrick & Co. was founded in 1946 as a specialty chemical manufacturer. Today, C. H. Patrick’s product line consists of Indigo, Patcosperse Disperse Dyes, Pigments and many Specialty Chemicals.

C H Patrick & Company Inc.

1806 Perimeter Rd.

Greenville, SC 29605

Toll Free: 1-800-CHP-DYES

Direct Dial: 1-864-277-8977

Fax: 1-864-277-8569


We’re here to help:

Thomas J. Reardon, CEO/President 864-277-8977

Philip K. Martin, COO/Exec. VP 864-422-2311

Tom Reardon, CFO 864-422-2654

Vicky L. Robinson, Sales  & Marketing Manager 864-422-2314 | dyes@chpatrick.com

Kathy V. Kinsey, Plant & Laboratory Manager 864-422-2378

Tim Reardon, Commercial Development Manager 864-422-2370